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Fits any screen up to 90 inches
Works with all HDMI sources

Product info

Lightpack UHD with 4K support. Basic 4K set for your TV or monitor.

Lightpack is a lighting set that brings you a whole new home theater experience by adding ambient backlight to your TV.

Lightpack supports any TV screen and only requires a power source and a HDMI connection. Also it can be used as an intelligent lighting system, even when your TV is off.

You can set up the mood lighting using the Lightpack app.

Fully compatible with


  • BLE
  • No Wi-Fi
  • 4 HDMI inputs


  • Length 5m (up to 56’’ TV)
  • Mounting with smart corners
  • 8 bit


  • USB slot for charge
  • Battery life media mode 10h, candle mode 5h
  • BLE
  • Work with mobile app without lightpack

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Lightpack HD Lightpack UHD
Works with any TV
Works with PC and MAC
Works with any HDMI source
4 HDMI inputs to plug all of your devices
Supports UHD up to 4K @60Hz
LED ribbons fits any screen size
Simple installation
Supports 30 lighzones on the TV backlight and 30Hz color change frequency
Mobile App control
Desktop App control
Moodlight | Flash mode
Remote control
Price $259.00 $339.00

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Estimated delivery: December 2018

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