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Started as a geeky open source product working with PCs only,  Lightpack PC (the first version of the device - now renamed into Lightpack PC) was developed by a small team of enthusiasts without rigid corporate structure or external funding, investing own money and time. Lightpack continued his path with  Woodenshark and in May 2013 Lightpack PC launched a trial campaign at Kickstarter for a market test. Surprisingly it raised $500k.  


In July 2016  the second version of Lightpack was successfully presented to crowdfunding community , this time as a TV accessory lighting system, complete plug-n-play device ready for the mass market.



May 2017,  The CES Asia 2017 Innovation Award. Category: Home Entertainment  



Woodenshark is a self-funded and product-driven company, founded in 2012 by a small team with an intensive experience in product design and development, strong expertise in device and technologies patenting.

Our engineers and developers provide a full stack of software and hardware development from industrial to specialised SoC design, combined with production tracking and quality control at contract manufacturing capacities. 

Our locations:

Berlin, Germany | Saint-Petersburg, Russia | Menlo Park, USA |  Singapore | Shenzhen, China | HongKong