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We sincerely thank the authors of the following materials which helped us showing best effects of working Lightpack.

Lightpack TV videos: 

Lightpack PC videos:

  • "Futurama" opening by Comedy Central
  • "The Music Scene" by Anthony Francisco Schepperd
  • "Dark Room" by Johnny Hardstaff
  • "Collapse" by SelfBurning.com
  • "Flockwork Orange" by Eric Mootz
  • "Star Trek XI" by Paramount Pictures
  • "Core" by SelfBurning.com
  • "Far Cry 3" by Ubisoft Montreal
  • "Vikings" by Giant Animation Studios
  • "Skull Break Apart" by GiveMeFreeArt.com
  • "Portal 2" by Valve
  • "Alice: Madness Returns" by Spicy Horse
  • "True Skin" by Stephan Zlotescu
  • "Light Bulb" by Jeffrey Beach
  • "Team Fortress 2" by Valve
  • "Layout" by Jeison Barba
  • "Ascendance" by Henry Jun Wah Lee
  • "8-bit Trip" by Rymdreglage
  • "Big Buck Bunny" by Blender Foundation
  • "Pausefest Melbourne" by Sander Van Dijk