Lightpack PC LED strips Set (10 pcs)

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Fits any screen up to 90 inches
Works with all HDMI sources

Product info

LED strips for the first generation Lightpack PC.

Cable length: 70 cm 

Quantity in a set: 10 pcs.

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Fully compatible with


  • Wi-Fi
  • 4 HDMI inputs


  • Length 5m (up to 56’’ TV)
  • 8 bit

What in the box

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Lightpack HD Lightpack UHD
Works with any TV
Works with PC and MAC
Works with any HDMI source
4 HDMI inputs to plug all of your devices
Supports UHD up to 4K @60Hz
LED ribbons fits any screen size
Simple installation
Supports 30 lighzones on the TV backlight and 30Hz color change frequency
Mobile App control
Desktop App control
Moodlight | Flash mode
Remote control
Price $279.00 $339.00

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