Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

My TV set has USB, can I connect Lightpack?

No! A desktop operating system of Windows, Linux or OS X is necessary to install the Prismatik software that allows to capture the picture (or any rooted Android 4+ device with Prism app, see update #5). So, one more time: any display connected to Windows, Linux, OS X or Android.

What does the box include?

You will get:

  • Lightpack main unit
  • 10 LED-modules with 70 cm cable length
  • Micro USB cable
  • AC adaptor with interchangeable plug for US, EU and UK socket (AU customers will require a converter)
  • Mount accessories
  • Quick Install Guide and Warranty term sheet

Can I use Lightpack with Xbox or PlayStation?

No, you can’t. Prismatik is a cross-platform screen-capturing software that can run on a full-fledged(!) Android/Windows/Linux/OS X based device.

It’s important to know that your OS is the video signal source: you can’t process incoming data from your Xbox, PS, Apple TV and so on, even having Lightpack attached to the desktop at the same time.

How many Lightpacks do I need?

Display size # of Lightpacks
Up to 50'' ≈1 Lightpack
50-65'' ≈2 Lightpacks
65-86'' ≈3 Lightpacks

I heard Lightpack would be full Android-compatible device, including support of OUYA and GameStick. Is it true?

Already done! Check out our downloads page to .apk and details.

Does it work with XBMC, OpenElec, etc?

Yes. Prismatik can be run on Linux which is typical OS for this and many other media centers software. Prismatik’s interface should be disabled with a key “--nogui”. Please take notice that basic settings (like turning off/on, switching profiles etc) is performed with XBMC plug-in. Also it's possible to run Lightpack with 3rd-party software, like BobLight on your OpenElec mediacenters

Will need a new AC/DC adapter plug in China, UK, Australia, Japan?

Don't worry, it's already taken into account. We will provide suitable plugs for each country (except Australia — sorry for this) in accordance to delivery state or customer special request.


We would like to receive feedback from you. Questions, collaboration proposal or any suggestions is appretiated too. But, please, be sure you check our docs, faq or how it works pages for common Lightpack info first.


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